Our Story

“This is authentic Central Coast BBQ, gently cooked for hours over local aged red oak wood. Growing up in Atascadero, I loved to BBQ for family and friends about as long as I can remember. People around here know local BBQ, and that’s the only way I will cook it. Barbequing for friends and family had always been a passion of mine. For years, my son Dylan and I experimented with seasonings to find the perfect blend. Everybody loved my BBQ, and encouraged me to open a BBQ pit. Little did they know that had been a dream of mine for years. In 2010 I opened Scotty’s BBQ, and now I live that dream every day. This is not a fancy chain restaurant. We keep it simple and straightforward. Just good food cooked with patience, care, and lots of authentic smoky flavor. The way BBQ has always been here in the Central Coast. Welcome to Scotty’s BBQ. We are delighted to have you.” — Scotty Pierce