The Rub

Scotty's is traditional central coast BBQ which means one thing, it all starts with the rub. Unlike other forms of BBQ we do not rely on sauce to produce quality, we only have three aspects to our quality. The Meats, the Fire, and the Rub. We make all our own rubs in house here at Scotty's, 4 different uniquely crafted rubs to complement the various  meats we slow cook daily.

The Fuel

Locally sourced central coast Oak is the only fuel we use for our pits keeping the tradition alive each and every day.  This is only one aspect to keeping the quality high but a very important aspect indeed.

wood for site one
pit with flame one CROPPED

The Method

Passion is what fuels our motivation at Scotty's, passion for the old fashioned methods that founded true central coast BBQ quality.... no ovens, no charcoal, no gas.... just massive chunks of Oak in large pits. This passion is responsible for everything here at Scotty's including our philosophy of deliberately ordering the highest grade of Tri-Tip, Ribs, and Pork Loin available on the west coast. We purposely spend more on quality meats then our competition for a reason, this is passion for us.... a family business second. Spending hours over smoky oak is what separates Scotty's from the countless imitations... true central coast BBQ to the core.

The perfect Complement

When enjoying quality BBQ it's considered a necessity to have a good beer... here at Scotty's we take beer seriously. With 6 craft beers on tap at all times and another 30+ large craft bottles in our stand up two door cooler we always have the perfect complement to your BBQ of choice.  We keep our beer glasses chilled at all times, the perfect temperature to match our cooling tower taps, the last thing you want is beer at the improper temperature. From Barrelhouse, Surf, King Harbor, Kona, Bristols, Tapit, Figueora Mountain, Red Hook, and many many more... For those who prefer wine with your Que we have you covered with several light and dark wines, all from award-winning winery's.

solo 22 beer and jason

Central Coast BBQ

Scotty's is true to the roots central coast BBQ, fresh meat slow cooked daily over massive chunks of oak wood in specialty designed pits. Just like the old days nothing is ever frozen or left over, so when you come down to Scotty's you are only served the freshest BBQ possible. We take pride is utilizing the old methods of central coast BBQ, low and slow.